DIY Room Spray Using Essential Oils

Before I was a human mom, I was the quintessential dog mom. My little fur babies set my heart a flutter. Their soft little brown eyes and stinky frito feet could do no wrong in my book. Even if that meant turning a blind eye while they threw themselves little confetti parties at night with tissue paper pulled from the trash. Or barked incessantly at nothing at all. Literally nothing. But after having my daughter, my pension for finding their “quirky” (albeit annoying behavior) adorable, was wearing thin. And the one behavior that no longer set mine or my husband’s heart a flutter was the every-so-often PEEING.ON.THE.COUCH.

That’s right, pee….on the couch. Not only is this disgusting for obvious reasons, but it’s incredibly smelly. Urine has such a strong, offensive odor that really seems to linger, especially in fabric. Enter room spray. These store-bought sprays are typically laden with chemicals that are not only toxic but usually don’t smell very good (re: back of taxi cab, public restroom, great aunt’s living room, etc). After Fawn and Angela’s most recent crime and a thorough cleaning of the couch it was so tempting to spritz wildly with Febreeze like I was a cave woman experiencing perfume for the first time. But I caught myself and thought, “how can I freshen up my home without fumigating the place?” 

essential oils, room spray, vodka, DIY

I decided to try my hand at a DIY room spray using nothing more than cheap vodka, essential oils, and a repurposed spray bottle. While the staying power of the spray was not as long or powerful as a traditional, store-bought product, I felt much better about using natural ingredients in my living room (especially with a new baby at home). Vodka is a natural antiseptic and the alcohol content helps aid in sterilization. It can be used as a cleaning agent and works wonderfully for dry cleaning because it is both colorless and helps to neutralize offending odors. I personally really enjoy citrus essential oils to clean the home with because they smell so fresh and energizing; for this spray I used a mix of both lemon and orange. Because essential oils are simply highly concentrated and distilled parts of plants, they make a great alternative to strong, chemically laden scents. I love that because this spray is so mild, you can spritz often and liberally around your home!


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