Learn Something New, To You

When was the last time you challenged yourself to learn something new? To explore a passion? To be dedicated and diligent about setting aside time and making room in your day? To lean in to the doubt around failing or not knowing what you’re doing?

I don’t mean ‘learn something new’ in the prescribed way your HR department at work expects you to check off this task or complete that module. And I don’t mean ‘learn something new’ just to add a bullet point to your resume. I mean learn something new, to you, that makes you feel alive and smart and connected to your world. Something that lets you use your hands and your mind, something that puts a feather in your cap and pats your back, something that gives you more than an off-handed accolade ever could–confidence. Do you like to paint? Do it. Do you want to learn Portuguese because it sounds like marbles jostling for position in your hand? Do it.

My world has been feeling rather tiny lately, like my professional walls are closing in. I could see the last little flicker of light in the very top corner, peaking through. And I’ve had the sense that I either need to be okay with small and dark and maybe a sliver of something gleaming from time to time, or I need to push and thrash and bust open these walls and watch them crumble. I want them to come down, I want things to look radiant and glowy. I want there to be a wet looking luster to everything my eyes touch.

At 32 I took a chemistry class. At 32 I’m teaching myself Photoshop. At 32 I’m just starting to pick up anything that looks shiny.

Original image from Wonderspaces
Original image taken at Wonderspaces
Edited image from Wonderspaces
Photoshop edited image taken at Wonderspaces

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